Associate Professor

Subject Areas: Industrial organization, Microeconomics

I graduated from Yale University and happily returned to CT in 2013 to join UConn. I moved here from Ithaca NY where I was an assistant professor and senior lecturer at Cornell University. I am a micro and industrial organization economist, interested in innovation and patent policy, and also in the economics of higher education, specifically grading policies.

Ph.D., Economics, Yale University
B.Sc., Mathematics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Honors and Appointments:
— Grillo Award for Research Excellence, University of Connecticut
— Raymond Powell Teaching Prize, Yale

Courses Taught:
— Intermediate Microeconomics
— Microeconomic Theory (graduate)
— Industrial Organization
— Game Theory

Research Interests: Innovation, Patent Policy, Economics of higher Education

Selected Publications

“Project Selection: Commitment and Competition.” Games and Economics Behavior, 2016, Volume 96, Pages 30–48, with Vidya Atal and Sidartha Gordon.

“Patent Quality and a Two-Tiered Patent System.” Journal of Industrial Economics, 2014, 62(3):  503–540, with Vidya Atal.

 “Optimal Project Selection Mechanisms.” American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2014, 6(3): 227-55, with Sidartha Gordon.

“Collaboration and Networking in Cooperative Standard Setting.” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2014, Volume 23(1), with Aija Leiponen.

“Partisan Grading.” American Economics Journal: Applied Economics, (2012), 4(1), 30-48, with Asaf Zussman.

“Putting Grades in Context.” Journal of Labor Economics, (2012), 39(2), 445 – 478, with Vrinda Kadiyali, Asaf Zussman.

“Prior Art: to Search or not to Search.” International Journal of Industrial Organization, (2010), 28(5), 507-521, with Vidya Atal.

“Grade Information and Grade Inflation: The Cornell Experiment.” Journal of Economics Perspectives, (2009), 23(3), 93-108, with Vrinda Kadiyali, Asaf Zussman.

“Defensive Publications in an R&D Race.” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, (2006), 15(1), 229-254.

Talia Bar

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